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Are Green Tomatoes Poisonous?
Published By Morning Girl on 2013-02-22 131 Views

Do you make a research before eating or drinking something that you don’t normally consume? Well you should. I’m glad I did it before drinking more of my green tomato juice. I was thinking I could do myself a favor for doing so because anyway tomatoes are known to be healthy source of Vitamin C. Besides I prefer green over red tomatoes because they are crunchier. But little did I know that green tomatoes could be detrimental if taken in large quantity. Why? Then read more.
Tomatoes are in season! Do you have them in your garden for your own consumption only? If you yield a basket or two in a day, how would you avoid spoilage? Who would want any of the harvested fruits to just go to garbage? I was actually asking that same question yesterday. I harvested a lot and though I’ve given lots to the neighborhood there are still more than my household could consume. I could not wait till they ripen. Shall I have them pickled, frozen or what?
How about making green tomato juice? Why not? I have raw honey anyway so I can always make a delightful raw tomato drink that even my little ones will enjoy. So I picked the best green tomatoes in the basket, washed them thoroughly, cut them into halves, removed the seed and pressed down each slice one by one in the spinning sieve of my juicer. After I gathered about a bottle of green juice, I could not wait to taste my invention. Oh it was a bit sour so I added honey and some ice cubes and it tasted better.
But, what is the difference between raw and ripe tomatoes? I must know before serving this to my family. So I wasted no time and googled for answers and found something quite shocking. Green tomatoes contain glycoalkaloid a toxic substance also found in its leaves and stem that could upset stomach and could be poisonous if eaten raw and in large quantity. So I did the very wrong thing when I juiced the green tomatoes! The juice just went to the drain. Wasted? Yes but at least I and my family is kept from any possible harm.


com/2013/02/unripe-green-tomatoes-poisonous-oh-no.html" rel="nofollow">http://myhealthyplanet.blogspot.com/2013/02/unripe-green-tomatoes-poisonous-oh-no.html


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